Search has arrived!



Great News, everyone! Now you can search in your logs using Logr!

The latest update adds the search feature to LogrPro and LogrLite. Just click the up and down arrow buttons in the Filters Panel (on the right) and the log entry matching the pattern will become selected (See the orange highlighted line above).

You can also enter a keyword in the keyword input in Filter Editor and click Prev or Next. In that case a filter will not be created, but a next or previous line containing the search phrase will become active. It’s that simple!

Need I tell you that the free version is already available for download here, and the Pro version will be available on the AppStore in a matter of days. So go and get it!




  1. Nice app, I just bought it 🙂 I’ve been looking for a replacement to console, and this has a lot of potential.

    I’d love to see word wrap

    Also the list of files on the left side gets cleared when you restart the app. I’d think it was supposed to be saved.

    The logr-lite version can’t be opened on mavericks because “it is from an unidentified developer”.

    Thanks! Hope you can fix those two features for me 🙂

  2. First of all, thank you for buying LogrPro.

    Regarding LogrLite: this problem has been reported several times, so I created a page on this site explaining how to install it:
    Hope it helps.

    Saving the list of previously open files and word wrap are great ideas, we will implement it in the nearest future. Thank you for your feature requests.

    Hope you find LogrPro useful and blog or tweet about it.

  3. I just bought LogrPro, a few things

    1) the warning about incorrect encoding should present available encodings to select from
    2) scrolling on my rMBP is smooth but constantly hits limits and bounces to a stop, so I can’t flick through large pieces of the log quickly
    3) whole-of-file zoomed out view with colouring (al la sublime text)
    4) no regex support for highlighting
    5) needs regex support for transforms so I can mangle lines when necessary (remove useless lines completely / remove useless bits of lines / insert blank lines above/below start/end-of-transaction lines in a log)
    6) no ability to reorder filters
    7) no ability to save filter presets for different logs/purposes
    8) no ability to export presets
    9) would be nice to be able to highlight individual matches in a line
    10) bold/italicisation in highlight
    11) export to PDF/HTML would be great

    probably more as I go 🙂

      1. You can open logs that have no extensions now. You need to add and empty line to the list of extensions you work with in the preferences panel (just click ‘Add’ when the extension input is empty, it will be displayed as “Empty string” in the list), and then files with no extensions will be not be greyed out when you use the Open panel. Hope it helps 🙂

  4. I would love for LogrPro to be able to exclude / hide any lines that do not match any of the filters or the search keyword. I have an extremely verbose log that i’m writing to, because the application also writes a ton of extraneous information to it. So I’d like to be able to see ONLY the stuff i’m writing to it by adding prefixes (like “*–” or something) to all my log output and have all other lines not display at all.

    1. We have thought about that, and we will add that in future. However, there is a number of issues we need to address first, that do not allow us to add that sort of filtering.

  5. Hi, I just bought LogrPro. Nice little app, exactly waht I was looking for – except the thing that i eats up all CUP, just for working on a 700kb Logfile with 5 filters active 😦 Would be grate if you can do something about this.

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