Author: iphy

Awaiting review

Dear friends!

We are about to deliver a new application for the Mac! It is about to hit the AppStore any minute now!

LogrPro is now awaiting Apple’s certification, and there is good chance that it will pass it one of these days. 

As soon as this happens, we will publish the link to download LogrPro from the Mac AppStore and publish the free version here. 

The free version is both a beta and a preview version of the Pro version, it includes some features that will be present in the next Pro version, however, they may be not as stable as those in the Pro version.

The free (Lite) version will also include the link to download the full edition of the programme. 

LogrLite has all the same features as LogrPro, that is it can open logs and allows you to apply filters to highlight log entries, but it can only open one log at a time.