DropBox share added


Today we created a DropBox account for sharing our LogrLite builds.

Here is the link to the latest version, LogrLite: LogrLite Free Download.

Enjoy your downloads and viewing your logs.


LogrPro Hit the App Store

Great news!

You can now install LogrPro from the App Store!


At the same time, here is the link to the free version: http://yadi.sk/d/7fM85Zfp9acTV.

If you have trouble downloading the free version of LogrPro, which is incidentally called LogrLite, just click the bluish-grey button below the long green one. Just to remind you, the free version can open just one log instead of virtually infinitely many in the Pro version, but because it doesn’t have to be approved by Apple, it is, in fact, the next version of the app.

Now to the most important bit: the App Store link:

LogrPro App Store Link: download 

So, download whichever version you want, enjoy and report your experience!